The famous hotel

Have you ever thought to share a hotel room with a Hollywood actor? In Celebrities Suites & Residences chain hotels Blue Doors, we turn that dream into a reality.

Spacious apartment suites from 34 to 120 m2 where the protagonist is a movie star, a rock singer or even Marylin Monroe, Celebrities Suites, becomes an original bet themed hotel in the capital said that the concept colombiana.Se building theme hotels arose as a result of globalization in response to a rigorous competition in the tourism industry. Thus it was born the idea of ​​providing a distinct and specific service.

Theme hotels like Celebrities Suites offer you the guest a comfortable environment and with services, activities and decor befitting a specific topic. From the details on the walls to the attention of the concierge are those of the Blue Doors lugar.La mission is to create wonderful for each of the people staying in the hotels in the chain experiences and this is precisely the purpose must meet all theme establishments, better known as boutique hotels.

Celebrities Suites & Residences is located in the financial heart of Bogota and is preferred by top international executives who find in our facilities a comfortable place to work, relax or connect with the city from a really strategic location space.

It is ideal, too, for those travelers who want to stay a long time in the city, since all of our luxurious suites are fully equipped. Each of them has: kitchen (dishes, oven, stove, coffee maker, nevecón); dining room; chimney; 'Walking closet'; job desk; ironing board; home theater system; LCD TVs with DirecTV service (full HD content) and safety box.

While the hotel offers free Internet and parking; Restaurant and Room Service 24 hours día.Además, hotels Blue Doors constantly receive accolades and awards for quality management and legendary service hospitable. Thus, for example, Celebrities Suites, recently was awarded the Excellence Award for the most popular portal reservations

The hotel received a rating of 9/10 by travelers from around the world, who analyzed factors such as cleanliness, location, comfort, modernity and state of facilities, quality vs. price, between otras.Entre therefore Celebrities Suites, currently ranked 11th among the 25 most popular in Colombia hotels, for which he was awarded the merit "2015 Travelers's Choice - Trip Advisor 2015" by the website largest level tourism internacional.Por all this and more we invite to stay next to the most famous and experience an amazing stay in Bogota.

You can choose who you want to share a room, if beside Diana, Princess of Wales, singer John Lennon, the Hollywood actor Brad Pitt or the beautiful and talented Beyoncé, among others.

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Celebrities Suites & Residences is your best choice of accommodation in Bogotá for short and long stays. Luxury and comfort in one place. On Blue Doors Hotels serve with passion!