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Colombia has the world's finest cocoa

Did you know that only 8% of the total production of cocoa in the world is "Fine Flavor and Aroma (CFA)"? Colombia is fortunate to have a wide range of areas of cocoa production, from the department of Putumayo to the upper Guajira. Currently Ecuador is the main producer of this type of cocoa worldwide with 75% of total production. Followers: Papua New Guinea, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago. Government incentives to producers and rising international grain prices have helped to maintain confidence in this sector, which every day is more significant for the domestic agriculture industry.

The benefits obtained from the chocolate are many and millions of people worldwide, especially women, consumed daily. Among many other positive effects cocoa stabilizes blood pressure, lowers bad cholesterol, improves brain function, relieves stress, is excellent for sexual performance (natural aphrodisiac), optimizes eyecare and its high content of magnesium and antioxidants help to a better blood supply to the brain.

Recently the Minister of Agriculture, Aurelio Iragorri Valencia said the goal to three years is to expand the planting area in the country to 60,000 hectares, for which "the Ministry will pay 80% of the value of the insurance policy harvest, if there is a fire. "

According to Fernando Ruiz, advisor exports of the National Federation of Cocoa Growers of Colombia, Fedecacao, "The Netherlands is the largest market in the world to export cocoa, since along with Germany and Belgium are the largest buyers of Europe." "This export opens the doors to a fairly large trade," said Ruiz.

No doubt the country has a very large growth potential for this industry and if their exploitation is done responsibly strong country can tread on the heels Ecuador.