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"He suffers but rejoices"

The renowned Venezuelan humorist Laureano Marquez, visited Bogota and had the honor of welcoming him to Celebrities Suites & Residences.

Although it is Spanish by birth (July 4, 1963, Tenerife, Canary Islands), Marquez grew up from very small in the sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. With just four years old he discovered his vocation humorous; five broke a curtain to get a cassock and become a priest aspiration that lasted him little since six years had his first girlfriend and left the habits.

Today he is the author of three books mood: It suffers but rejoices (complete success); . The bochinche code (with 9 editions already published) and Amorcito heart Laureano Marquez is a political scientist at the Central University of Venezuela: title achieved after take classes in law, philosophy and theology .

However, as with a serious degree in hand, he chooses to leave soon political science and devote himself to humorismo.Durante ten years of the television show Radio Rochela, broadcast by Radio Caracas Television (RCTV), which parodied artists, politicians, soap operas and contests like Miss Venezuela. There his imitation of Pope John Paul II and his role as scriptwriter remembers.

In 1991, he writes the script of the album "Odes of Emilio Lovera" played by his colleague Emilio Lovera. The production was banned and its leaders had to appear before the Ministry of Transport and Communications for allegedly offending the then president, Carlos Andres Perez.

Five years later he reunites with Marquez Lovera in the comedy At first glance Radio Caracas Television. In 1998, also with Emilio Lovera, lead the radial space How serious joke, through the station Kiss FM: a program where the two comedians made him a strong critique of national politics during general elections the 98.Como his humorous work has been closely followed by the watchdogs of Venezuela, Marquez has managed to expand its horizons to Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Bolivia and more recently Argentina, where participated in the Pan American Humor Contest and he obtained the first place. With plays like

The Reconstituent (an honor to the Constituent Hugo Chavez), with over six hundred performances over two years throughout Venezuela, Marquez has broken records taquilleros.Un important point of his career that is worth noting is its effort to leave a legacy new comedians in the country.

Thus it helped form Degeneration Relay: a group of young comedians, with their support, and are recognized nationally and current level drivers "stand up comedy" in the país.Laureano Marquez was visiting Bogota on the occasion its presentation in the theater of Modern College Gym last December 4.

He presented the bogotano published his monologue, Sit Down.Por the great location of Celebrities Suites (opposite the Gimnasio Moderno), Laureano Marquez did not take greater steps to reach the stage of submission.

For all partners Celebrities Suites & Residences was a great honor to have served this great ambassador of good humor worldwide during their stay in Bogotá.
Thank you for choosing us!